Among the Bohemians | Virginia Nicholson


Among the Bohemians : Experiments in Living 1900-1939


‘Bright, discursive, astute and wide-ranging, Nicholson succeeds in showing how unconventional ideas seeped into early twentieth-century consciousness and gradually became the norm. An entertaining, stimulating read, well served by excellent pictures.’ Sunday Times

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Does one really need furniture? Why not steal? Why shouldn’t one be dirty? Is it wrong to be promiscuous?

Between the end of the Victorian age and the start of the Second World War, a generation of writers and artists refashioned their lives according to a set of ideals. Questioning almost every aspect of daily living, they sacrificed luxury for liberty showed contempt for convention and became pioneers of a domestic revolution. In Among the Bohemians Virginia Nicholson explores the astonishing world they created – and its consequences both for the Bohemians and for ourselves.


Published 2003


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