Charleston Farmhouse 1981 | Kim Marsland



Charleston Farmhouse 1981 : A photographic recollection of the home of the Bloomsbury group in Sussex

‘As I drew closer to the farmhouse, I could see two very distinctive stone pots, either side of worn wooden gates..Tufts of grass and dried twigs were sticking out from the top of each urn. There was an atmosphere of a long abandoned house, except for an open attic window and the pink and grey painted front door, slightly ajar.’ Kim Marsland


After Duncan Grant died in 1978, Charleston lost the last of its original Bloomsbury Group residents. With its fate unclear, the house and contents remained undisturbed for many years. In May 1981, Kim Marsland (then an art student) made a visit to take notes and photographs for an essay on the Bloomsbury Group. Her unique record of Charleston shows the house just as Grant left it – cluttered with years of painting, collecting and family life.These twenty-six photographs capture the atmosphere of a house full of memories and artistic importance. They also show Charleston before its restoration, allowing the reader a peek into a lost past. Some pictures will be familiar to lovers of Charleston, but others (such as the ones of the garden) less so. This beautifully produced book of previously unseen photographs is the perfect keepsake for Bloomsbury Group aficionados.

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