Limited Edition Rug | Charleston Pond Design | Cressida Bell


Charleston Pond rug. Part of an exclusive limited edition run, with design by Cressida Bell.


4×6 ft


This striking and original rug, designed by Cressida Bell, is made using the age old rug weaving traditions, but with a design that creates a fresh, contemporary effect. Evoking the Bloomsbury group ethos, it blends the exotic and the familiar, and continues Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant’s legacy in blurring the traditional definitions that separate fine and decorative art.

The yarn is all New Zealand Wool, with cotton warp and wefts.

50 knots per square inch.

Very durable.

Can be hoovered.

Hali Magazine describes Cressida Bell’s work as ‘a conscious reinterpretation of traditional carpet weaving vocabulary. The combination of art and intellect would surely have earned the rug a place in her grandparents’ home in Charleston in Sussex’ .

Cressida Bell is an English artist and designer, specializing in textiles, interior design, cake decoration and illustration. She is the daughter of critic, author and artist Quentin Bell and Anne Olivier Bell.

This rug is part of a limited edition available exclusively at Charleston shop.

Additional information

Dimensions 123 × 184 × 3 cm

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