Gardeners’ Choice | Evelyn Dunbar and Charles Mahoney

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Gardeners’ Choice is the second gardening book by Persephone Books. It was originally in black and white and is now published in facsimile, with original illustrations throughout.

Idiosyncratic and informative, it would be an excellent present for any gardener.

The authors of Gardeners’ Choice had first collaborated on a mural at a school in Brockley and in 1936 were asked to write ‘a really new book’ about gardening. Cyril (always called Charles) Mahoney had taught Evelyn Dunbar at the Royal College of Art and she was asked by him to work at Brockley. When they did the book together it did not occur to either of them to sign their drawings, with the result that we have no idea apart from intuitive appraisal who drew what. In the same way we do not know if the text is Charles’s or Evelyn’s.

The writing is quite serious and is for the truly dedicated gardener – there are detailed descriptions of the plants that the two devoted gardeners would ideally choose for a garden. But the main delight of the book is the drawings – black and white illustrations that have never been reproduced since their first publication in 1937.

ISBN: 9781910263044
Publisher: Persephone Books
Imprint: Persephone Books Ltd
Pub date: 22 Oct 2015
DEWEY: 635
DEWEY edition: 23
Number of pages: 236
Weight: 348g

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