Hamaasa Stone / Gold Vermeil Necklace | Pippa Small for Charleston


A beautiful necklace designed by ethical jewellery designer Pippa Small exclusively for Charleston.

Stones are set in gold-plated silver.

The chain is a generous c. 100cm in length, and able to be worn wrapped once, twice or even three times round the neck.

About the Artist
London based ethical jeweller Pippa Small MBE has been making jewellery for over 25 years.

With a masters in anthropology, Pippa went on to work all over the world with artisans creating unique handmade jewellery in warm high karat yellow gold, steeped in ancient traditions and belief systems the jewellery carries with it the story of the maker and a sense of the history and culture of the source of the jewel.

Pippa was named ambassador of the human rights organisation Survival International and awarded an MBE by the Queen in 2013 for ethical jewellery and charity work. She won Ethical Jeweller of the Year and the prestigious Walpole Corporate Social Responsibility award in 2016. Pippa was also named winner of the Green Sustainability Award by Town and Country magazine. She continues to venture further in exploring ways of making jewellery, reviving traditional skills and techniques in communities in Central and South America, Southern Africa, Asia and the middle East.

About the Makers
Every piece is hand made in Kabul by the men and women artisans of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation. Training and employing young people in meaningful creative jobs is vitally important now in Afghanistan when the young desperately need hope and a sense of purpose in a beautiful country tragically caught up in violence and conflict.

The foundation aims to train and provide much needed employment for young artisans and create a craft market for their work, as well as an extraordinary architectural restoration project of the historic old city of Kabul.

Pippa has worked with Turquoise Mountain since 2008, producing over 30 collections of jewellery with artisans to make a range of pieces.

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