Ikat NK4 Edge | Finest Pashmina | Andraab


The colored edges are woven on a base in a unique way to create this design. Each piece stands out.

This product is the shawl on the left, with the magenta pink edging.

100% hand woven cashmere.

Stole 28 x 78”

About Andraab
Made in Kashmir, India, from the rarest and finest Pashmina, using weaving techniques and arts from 15th century Persia, an Andraab shawl is like no other.

Andraab is the continuity of an ancient unbroken narrative of the arts and crafts of Kashmir with a six hundred year old legacy. A team of brothers have taken their creative impetus to carry a name far beyond the generations of their profound ancestry and hone it towards creating and preserving beautiful these textiles. Andraab is the result of a heritage born in Kashmir, with a focus that is based on restoring the lost magnificence of pashmina. An essential for those seeking design, committed to mastery.


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Magenta, Brown

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