‘Lavender’ Candle | Panier des Sens


Scented Candle 180g

Lavender, the soul of Haute Provence, is characterized by its flowery and fragrant scent. A relaxing perfume that helps to fight stress.

Scented Candle with essential Oils. Each candle is made with a unique assembly of high-quality waxes: hard mineral waxes with controlled origin, enriched with vegetable waxes with 100% cotton natural wick.

Made in France.

It is in the South of France that PANIER DES SENS cosmetics are conceived and developed. Inspired by natural resources and Mediterranean know-how, the lines of body care, toiletries and alcohol free perfumes magnify the beauty of Provence through elegant products, subtle textures of evocative and delicate scents.
Panier Des Sens complete line has been under development for over ten years. It’s product experience is based on natural formulations and extensive research on active plant substances.

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