Lunula Pendant Necklace | Tiki by Cecile Gilbert


The large circular Lunula necklace is a two-tone minimalist statement piece. It is cast in a vibrant bespoke Tangerine colour and inlayed with the stripy Lunula design in Ivory White. The pendant hangs on a long oxidised Sterling silver chain. Double cast and sanded to a gloss finish.

It’s the perfect abstract piece for colour blocking and necklace layering.

Necklace full length: 70cm Pendant dimensions: 4cm


Tiki by Cécile Gilbert

About the Artist

My name is Cécile. I am a French resin jeweller living and working in Brighton, UK. I launched Tiki in 2012 and was selected as one of IJL Kickstarters of 2016.

My main medium is polyester resin, which I combine with oxidised Sterling silver.

Inspired by 1930s Bakelite jewellery, the Art Deco movement and Midcentury Modern design, I have created a range of contemporary pieces that reflects those qualities, whilst adding a 21st century sophistication.

Tiki offers an eclectic collection of long statement necklaces, chunky bangles, slim bracelets as well as drop earrings, circular brooches and minimalist rings.

Through the years, I have developed unique cutout and recasting techniques, which enable me to produce geometric patterns and eye-catching shapes and designs.

I also mix pigments in order to build an exclusive colour palette of Lime Green, Tangerine and Teal alongside Jet Black and Ivory White.

Designed in a distinctive modernist style, pieces are lightweight and can be worn as everyday accessory or as a sophisticated touch to a stylish attire.

Each Tiki jewel is carefully handcrafted by myself from start to finish in my Brighton studio. Each is a one-of a-kind piece, slightly differing in pattern, assuring that your piece is unique.

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