My Katherine Mansfield Project | Kirsty Gunn


‘A beautiful and mood-provoking book… the writing went into my consciousness and I felt the loneliness, the sadness, the love and identification with Katherine Mansfield… It was beautiful.’ – Jane Campion

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Katherine Mansfield was a contemporary with Virginia Woolf who greatly admired her. In this book Kirsty Gunn returns to her hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, the place where Katherine Mansfield also grew up.

In this lyrical essay Gunn explores the ideas of home and belonging- and the profound influence of Manfield’s work on her own creative journey. She asks whether it is even possible to ‘come home’, and who are we when we get there?

‘I began reading it and could not put it down until I had finished… It amalgamates memory and fiction and research and journal so sensitively… that I came away feeling Gunn had escaped all the old hackneyed ways of writing about influence and created something wholly her own.’ – John Carey, Critic, Author and chair of the Booker Prize.


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