Sussex Rose Soothing Aromatic Water


A spritz of rose water calms redness, profoundly soothes skin and creates a sense of total delight. Our Sussex Rose is reminiscent of a perfect, balmy summer’s day, a way to capture the feeling of wellbeing that a sunny day evokes, every day.

Moisturising and reviving




A S Apothecary’s rosewater is made from several distillations using roses harvested in Sussex, at Glyndebourne Opera House, from their friend Anne’s garden in Iford and their own distilling garden in Plumpton. Picking roses is magical – the scent is utterly floral, full and enticing and the petals feel delicate, almost parchment like. Once picked, they are laid out on frames to dry a little  – the sight of so many petals is mesmerising. Once distilled, every Rosewater smells subtly different. We carefully blend them to produce the essence of a perfect English rose.

The uses for this treasure are endless – there is nothing quite like it for the skin where it cools, refreshes, tones and offers a completely natural scent – ideal and comforting when travelling.


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