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A richly and beautifully illustrated story for children.

‘The book itself is a piece of art, like all the things Valentina owns, it is large and flamboyant and something that captures your attention. Castagnoli s words, translated by the extremely talented Laura Watkinson, are presented in a darkish green font and a series of elegant, cursive pencilled handwriting is used to enunciate Valentina s vocal demands: an original, typographical interject that brings the narrative to life.’ – Mathew Tobin, Senior Lecturer in English and Children s Literature at Oxford Brookes

‘THE GOLDEN CAGE is exactly the sort of brilliant tale we want to see more of in children’s picture books, one that doesn’t slather on the moral message at its heart like too much butter on too little bread – but one that weaves a story world that is enticing, captivating and draws you straight in (again, largely thanks to Anna Castagnoli’s utterly amazing writing style and Carll Cneut s truly sumptuous and luxurious illustrations.’ –Read It Daddy

About the Author
Carll Cneut is one of Flanders’ most celebrated illustrators. His books are available in 35 countries. Italian author Anna Castagnoli writes for children of all ages.



Valentina the emperor s daughter is an obsessive collector of exotic birds. Her servants track down every bird she desires – just one remains unfound: a bird that talks. Servants search far and wide to fulfill her impossible quest – and she beheads those who fail. In Valentina s palace, heads roll every day! Will the golden cage ever be filled?

A deliciously dark European fairy tale with words as rich as its bold and luxurious illustrations.

  • Hardcover : 56 pages
  • Product dimensions : 26.6 x 1.3 x 34.7 cm
  • ISBN13 : 978-1911496144
  • Publisher : AVA Publishing SA; 1st edition (26 Sept. 2019)

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