This Is Yours | Sanne te Loo | Books for Children

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Of all things imaginable, I liked drawing the most. However, a sheet of paper was way too small for me. And in the streets, people would walk over my drawings.

One day -when it is raining so hard that the drawings are washed from the sidewalk -a man walks by. He is Anselmo, an old painter. He offers the young artist shelter in his house. Anselmo comes from a parrot island and makes enchanting paintings. Between Anselmo and the young artist a very special friendship blossoms… until the day Anselmo decides to return to his island. For a moment, a dream seems to fall apart. But Anselmo has taken care of the young artist’s future! Sanne te Loo has made a moving tribute to people who value children.

ISBN: 9781788070430
Publisher: Lemniscaat
Pub date: 07 Nov 2019
Edition: Hardback original

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