Virginia Woolf | Hermione Lee

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The landmark biography of Virginia Woolf and an essential read for any Woolf fan.

Hermione Lee sees Virginia Woolf afresh, in her historical setting and as a vital figure for our times. Her book moves freely between a richly detailed life-story and new attempts to understand crucial questions – the impact of her childhood, the cause and nature of her madness and suicide, the truth about her marriage, her feelings for women, her prejudies and obsessions. This is a vivid, close-up portrait, returning to primary sources, and showing Woolf as occupying a distinct, even uneasy position with ‘Bloomsbury’. It is a writer’s life, illustrating how the concerns of her work arise and develop, and a political life, which establishes Woolf as a radically sceptical, subversive, courageous feminist. Incorporating newly discovered sources and illustrated with photos and drawings never used before, this biography is a revelation -informed, intelligent and moving.

ISBN: 9780099732518
Publisher: Random House
Imprint: Vintage Books
Pub date: 02 Oct 1997
Language: English
Number of pages: 892

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