Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell | Jane Dunn


Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell: A Very Close Conspiracy


“An outstanding work, and reading it is a source of real pleasure … one of the best books on Virginia Woolf to date”

Janet Barron, Literary Review

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Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell: A Very Close Conspiracy | By Jane Dunn

‘Jane Dunn offers an interesting slant on these two formidable women… By looking at them as sisters [she] sheds new light on their personalities, and in the process gives the reader a fascinating glimpse of the family dynamics of rivalry and adoration that shaped the arc of their domestic and artistic lives… this is a fluently written and highly perceptive joint biography… It not only makes an important contribution to Bloomsbury scholarship; it also takes its place in the literature of sisterly rivalry and love’

Michiko Kakutani, New York Times


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